So you’re interested in being a social entrepreneur. Is that because you hear its the new “in thing”? … Or is it because you genuinely want to have an impact on the world and make a difference in peoples lives?

Going in this direction is not a joke. It’s a decision… And a hard one at that.

If you’re only interested in making money, then don’t waste your time here. You can more easily get an decent education, go into a big corporate and work your way up. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mean to say that people in corporates don’t work hard, or are necessarily bad people but I do think that the path of a corporate is easier in terms of decisions.  You almost always have someone above you – whether it be a line-manager, executive or Board of Directors, corporations allow for easier moral decision making.

I read a study a few years ago, which was later re-affirmed by the