How?…How is it possible to fuck something as important as the Paris agreement up in such a single short announcement. Quite frankly it’s staggering. The most important thing I think to recognise here is the reasoning…or lack thereof for this unbelievable decision.  I’ve seen a few clips now and read a bit of analysis. One of the better clips I’ve seen is this on the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:

But a number of people are now highlighting some of the stupid Tweets that Trump has put out. Like this for example (excuse the size):





and this;

and… well…what can you say.

Evidently climate science means nothing.

However, I did see this interesting take on Trumps decision by an analyst at fortune magazine.

Whilst I understand the (false) logic behind this kind of reasoning, you simply can’t compare short and medium-term carbon reductions and green- tech with the future opportunity cost of reaching a point of no return, in terms of global temperatures (which places immeasurable  pressure on economic, social and political systems).

It’s simply a very selfish decision, badly thought out decision with potentially dire, future consequences. Interestingly, I think (and am hoping) there may be a positive backlash in the form of corporate America making an extra effort to reduce their carbon emissions and invest in green / clean tech.

History will surely judge Donald Trump and his band of misfits poorly.